Friday, 3 May 2013


After seeing this graduation film of Ami Thompson, I am starting to worry a little at how little time I have left in real terms to get to her level for my graduation. However I can only take watching this film as inspiration and a drive to get me to that point in two years time, and hopefully intern at Disney and Studio Ghibli like she did (I can dream hey!?!?!!). By keeping the animation short, but long enough for her to be taken seriously, she has given herself enough time to really focus on the movement of the characters, the design, and the texture used. All of these elements are highly important, but the strong narrative drive really gives her the edge over other graduates. I am mainly astounded at the fact that she did the majority of this herself, but also that she trusted others to help her create this work, as often I get precious over my own work which is so important to me. This is a key lesson I need to learn, that working with others is an easier way to produce work to this standard in such a small length of time, and I have really understood the value of trust in a team whilst working on Chris Luk's final major project as colourist.

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