Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chris' FMP

Chris for his Final Major Project asked if I would be his colourist, which at first I thought would be an easier job than I expected. At first there was supposed to be four of us colouring (Rachel and I would be doing the majority, with Chris and Hannah colouring sections as they animated), but it then turned out that Rachel was unable to help with the project and Chris needed to focus on getting the animation right. Hannah did however colour the yeti as she went along, but I was still left with the three main protagonists to colour (who all appear in most shots).

The animation was done using Photoshop, which is a piece of software I am still learning but understand the basics of, which meant that colouring was easier than I had expected, allowing me to use still layers for when sections of the character doesn't move, and video layers for the elements that do. The main struggle I had was colouring the details of Toby (the main character), as Chris hadn't outlined where these would be, so I actually did a bit of animating without even realising!

After Chris' hand in, I still have to finish off the sections that I wasn't able to finish in time, and the sections which have still yet to be animated, with Chris' final deadline for the project in mind being the 31st of May (the last date of submission for a festival he wants to enter).

Below are a few of his tests for the final animation which have been released online..

I am sure I will post more about this project once it is fully finished, but so far I have really enjoyed being part of the team, helping come up with ideas at the beginning until now.

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