Saturday, 18 May 2013

Interior design project - Co-working space in Leeds

Ben Saffer, the producer of Glow Productions, sent me on a project to help design and develop a future Co-working space in Leeds. As a massive fan of the space at Duke Studio's, I was really interested in getting involved in this project.

I was sent this mood board by the leader of the projects,, and decided to make my own board which reflected the style they were looking at but with hints of my own style, which you can see here

Sadly I never heard back from the project, as I was really looking forward in helping design and eventually build the space it was a bit down heartening. However this was a lesson to me to not put so much effort and time in a project which isn't set in stone. It also taught me not to rely on people, and to also find my own work in the future.

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