Thursday, 9 May 2013

Further influences

When looking at Pictoplasma (a character animation festival), I noticed that they had another smaller event coming up in Spain. When looking at the guest speakers here: I noticed that Bakea, an artist I have been interested in before, had actually done a piece similar to my idea.

I really like the smooth shapes and choice of colours, and feel that although slightly gruesome that this piece remains cute, which is exactly the balance that I need to get in my work.

As a massive FriendsWithYou fan, I suddenly remembered about an animation they created last year called Cloudy.
Cloudy from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.
This 3D animation retains their style, and allows the collective to explore another medium to show their work. Like Bakea, I really love the rounded shapes, but especially love the fluidity of animation when the water droplets are bouncing on the clouds.

What I am worried about with my game is the Polycount if I try to make my environment as smooth as these two examples, so I will have to be careful and clever with my modelling work.

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