Sunday, 19 May 2013

Little Witch Academia

So on a whim, knowing nothing about the hype for this short feature, I stumbled across this beautiful animation. If you haven't seen it, then I advice you watch it, all 40 mins of beautiful animation.

Personally out of the whole film I think the very beginning was my absolute favourite, it was so beautifully animated (especially the follow through animation of the hair), and I prefer the character design for when she is younger. I also love the how magical her experience is, and the vivid colours from the lighting and reflections in her eyes.

I really like this Mucha style poster, and how it is still staying within the design style of the whole animation.

 The character design sheets are so lovely and thought out perfectly.

I really love animation break-downs, and this one shows the character and her sheer motivation and determination at her peak.

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  1. Hello again! I've always wanted to see 'Little Witch Academia', thanks for sharing it! Going to have myself some fizzy pop and sweets and enjoy this animation :D