Saturday, 11 May 2013

Joy over Awe

I have decided to stick to the theme Joy over the suggestions to perhaps change to Awe, mainly as the audience I am aiming at. My game will be seen an unusual but also fit my target audiences expectations for a Japanese game, rather than it being awe inspiring and completely different. I think that choosing joy as my theme works well with the subject matter, style and content, as well as fitting more into what my audience expects to get out of my game. Although it is set inside a dinosaur carcass, it is just a plastic modeled one, and not supposed to be the remains of a dead animal, therefore it has been built specifically to be made into a sushi bar, which fits the theme Joy more, as it is not gruesome and in fact is inventive and an exciting environment to be in. If people find this idea discussing or not joyful, then they are probably not in my target audience, as many who have a Japanese decent and/or enjoy the crazier side of Japan would find this enjoyable.

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