Saturday, 18 May 2013

Projects that I was unable to undertake

The David Oluwali project was something I was really hoping to get involved with, but unfortunately due to time (mainly as I moved course, which took up every hour of my free time trying to catch up) I was unable to ever animate for them. I did spent a lot of time getting my concept together after we all had the opportunity to go and listen to the Leeds Young Authors. I was hoping to animate sea creatures swimming within the slow-motion water footage that Rachel and Sophie (both second year vis-com students) took. Below are some images I put together when I was developing my idea.

During my time volunteering at LIFF I was asked by a fellow volunteer if I wanted to help Lisette with her project, creating a short opening animation for one of Leeds Met's films. Although the subject matter of the film (war) was not something I am interested in, the opening speech to animate to was really interesting and full of vivid imagery.
To begin with I sketched out the images that were wanted..
 Which I then digitalised.. Here are a few of the finished images..

For the transitions between each image, I followed a few online tutorials on how to use particle effects on After Effects. I never actually had the chance to experiment doing this with my own drawings, as I never had any feedback on what Lisette actually wanted imagery wise or as a whole animation. This for me was highly frustrating, as I had to wait weeks to hear anything from her, and we would arrange to meet up and every time she would pull out minutes before. As I had wasted so much of my time already trying to do this project, as well as just starting the course, I had enough work to be getting on with, so I decided to cut my losses and use the work I produced for her as my own portfolio development and would only carry on with this project if I heard back from her and she showed a willingness to communicate properly (which never happened..!).

At the beginning of the year, the same time as me leaving course and the last two projects, I started doing some work towards the Leeds event Light Night with Hannah (second year vis-com). The theme for the event was Light and Dark so we decided to look at shadow puppets and then adapted this to sign language. Underneath are a few notes from Hannah and I.

I then set out to create the background wallpaper for the room which our shadows would fly around in.

I actually started key framing the squirrel and bird movements, and was slowly getting a believable movement.

 Like many of these other projects, I unfortunately moved course right in the middle of completion which completely knocked the project back. Hannah also became busy with other work, and this project was left unfinished. We have however, both agreed that one day it would be good to go back to this and complete it for our own work.

The final project I was asked to do, was to create some indents for the BBC, however like the others, this came at a bad time, and I was only able to get involved with creating a few ideas, but never any imagery. This was mainly due to the meetings being held on Saturdays when I was working on Saturday Art School, so I missed all the beginning introductory work, as well as having other projects on at the time, and the deadline of NEST magazine within the same few weeks.

Overall these unfinished experiences have seriously taught me when to accept projects and when to admit that I simply don't have the time or energy to undertake anything else. I will need to take this in mind more seriously when I get into my second and third year, as the pressure of my work load will be more than this year, and I need to learn to focus my time more.

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