Tuesday, 7 May 2013

UV mapping so far..

I wanted to get as many items finished as possible over these few days, so I started colouring the UV maps that I had made so far.

For the paper lantern texture, I wanted a really simple colouring, with no symbols which may connote different meanings which I may not understand (due to not knowing the language). So I wanted to add more texture to my hand drawn texture, by adding a handmade seamless texture, from a photograph found when searching for 'water colour paper' on Google.

The chopstick texture was kept simple, with the only detail on the end of the sticks, of the dinosaur symbol used for the branding of the sushi bar.

I kept the same colours for the bowl, so the colour scheme of the bar is consistent and vibrant.

The sushi was one of the main components that I needed to get the texturing right for. Although they are only really small components, I needed them to stand out and be clearly in my drawing style, so I took time trying out the brushes that Betty gave me, and experimenting with layering colour to create a texture I desired. Rather that doing loads of UV maps for the same shaped object, I simply drew the fillings out on different layers, so that I could hide the unwanted layers and export out single images of each sushi texture and filling. All together I have six variations of sushi roll, but if when in the game space it looks too similar and boring, I may end up doing another few fillings.

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