Friday, 3 May 2013

RAG week

As I had been involved in helping Rachel (a second year Visual Communications pupil) organise RAG week, I was disappointed at myself that I wasn't able to help more when it came to the actual events. However I was able to make two of the events held.

The first was a vintage tea party, where I turned up early to help decorate the Vernon Street cafe ready for a few rounds of cakes and some bingo, however less people than hoped arrived so it turned into a small gathering of friends, which in some ways was better. Overall I would still class the event as a success as we managed to raise a bit of money for charity whilst still having fun!

The other event I was able to make was the Student VS Food night with the open mic. Although I didn't help run the night in any way, I had fun cheering on my friend Paisley whilst relaxing and having a good time with my friends watching. The turn out was really good, and had a massive variation in courses, so Rachel did an amazing job with that event.

All in all RAG week was a massive success and Rachel and the Student Union team, along with her lovely sister Katie did an amazing job in raising money as well as getting some good free prizes for the winners of the contests!

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